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Figurative Work: Degas and his Dancers
April 8 - May 3, 2019
This will be a 4 week session involving several chalk drawings on toned paper and 2 small study copies of Degas' ballet dancers. Monday nights or Friday mornings.
March 11 - 29, 2019
This image is an idea of what we will do, not the actual painting. 5 roosters pecking around in a field with a sunny backdrop. Monday nights or Friday mornings, 3 week session
Church in the Wilderness
February 4 - 22, 2019
Once a year we do a study copy of a master painting, sometimes it is the old Masters, this one the contemporary Master Thomas Kincaide. We learn how to simply, paint back to front, and mix lots of colors!
Grapes and Plums
January 7 - 25, 2019
We will paint 2 small still life to practice the effect of light and shadow on plums, grapes, crocks and fabric. Monday nights or Friday mornings for 3 week session
Oranges, Crock and Stone
March 5 - 15, 2018
2 week session painting still life from a photo, on 9 x 12 canvas in water mixable oils. This composition is a great study of different textures and shapes, and a nice break from flowers. The crock will be a bluer stone to complement the oranges. Monday nights March 5 and 12 or Thursday mornings March 8 and 15. Call or email to register.
Small Studies - Impressionistic Still Life
February 5 - March 2, 2018
3 week session doing a different 5 x 7 or 6 x 8 painting in water mixable oils each week. These small paintings help us to learn the "painting process" more quickly and not get stuck, seeing how to simplify the composition and be intentional with our brushwork. Monday nights Feb 5, 12 and 19; or Thursday morning Feb 8, 15 and 22. Cost is $70 plus canvases for 3 weeks, paint included. Call or email to register.